5 Creative Lighting Ideas for Your New Home

Mon, May 20, 2019 at 3:41PM

5 Creative Lighting Ideas for Your New Home

Lighting is an essential element to make any room in your home feel complete. Whether you are interested in lighting fixtures that make a statement, set a mood, or serve a distinct purpose, there are hundreds of options to explore.

Choosing which styles and types of lighting to install in your home can be an overwhelming task. That’s why we’ve compiled 5 creative and unexpected lighting ideas for your new home. Take a look!

1) Incorporate Variety

Lighting your new home takes a lot of thought and planning. To ensure your home has ample lighting in all areas, it’s wise to choose an assortment. This idea incorporates multiple styles of lighting in one space. The addition of a variety of textures and shapes will create a well-lit and visually interesting room.

This mix of different types of lighting also creates flow between different areas of a space. For instance, a large hanging light fixture may be present in the center of the living room ceiling, but around furniture and on surfaces, sits various table lamps with muted tones. A floor lamp can also be added to a dark corner to withhold the consistency of the room. When you enter the space, your attention will first go to the centered fixture, but soon your eye will flow to each area of the room. These various sources of light provide a layered lighting style that is free of shadows and provides a warm inviting living space.

2) Make a Statement

If a room in your home features a high ceiling, you may be wondering how to fill and light this ample space. Instead of attempting to fill the large area with multiple light sources and décor, consider a statement light fixture. This large central and unique fixture of your choosing will be the star of the show. The key is to make sure the fixture hangs low enough so that it looks like part of the rooms décor.

Many unique, modern, and classic statement fixtures are available for your choosing. Before you choose your fixture, it’s wise to think about whether you will base the room’s décor off the fixture or if you need to find a fixture that matches your current furniture and décor. If you like the idea of high ceilings and are unhappy with the layout of your current residence, consider choosing a house plan that offers the floor plan of your dreams. Simply browse Livable House Plan’s website to discover all of the high-quality home designs available for you to choose from.

3) Try Multiple Fixtures

If you’re tackling a large room, a single light fixture may not be cutting it. In most cases, homeowners choose to go with recessed lighting in these types of spaces. However, another option is to get creative by introducing the idea of multiple fixtures in one room. Hanging multiple fixtures can be a tricky task because you don’t want to the room to become too busy or the lighting to become overbearing. That’s why we suggest sticking with a fairly simple, clean silhouette style of fixture. Hang the multiple fixtures in a grid-like arrangement above the space in question. By opting for simple fixtures, you will not overcomplicate the room and you can even center the grid with a ceiling fan to complete the look.

4) Consider Function

For smaller spaces in your home, you may not need multiple lighting sources. In fact, for some rooms it’s effective to combine function and shape in order to maximize space. For instance, combining a light fixture with a ceiling fan is a great way to maximize space and function. In warmer climates a ceiling fan is a great addition to any room, plus you won’t have to worry about installing additional lighting.

When choosing lighting for your home, you should also consider the functionality of certain areas. For example, if you read in bed, it’s crucial you have some type of reading light that can be accessed without having to get up. If you love to cook, you may consider adding additional under cabinet lighting in your kitchen to make reading recipes and cutting up ingredients easier.

5) Accent with Built-In Lighting

Opting for built-in lighting elements is a great way to highlight architectural details in your home. If you have a detailed ceiling, consider installing recessed or strip lighting to accentuate this detail. Another idea to consider is installing accent lights in built-in shelving to highlight special objects and accessories. This creative lighting detail also immediately draws your eye to the shelves, making it a beautiful focal wall of the space.

If you’re looking forward to lighting your new home, consider building a custom home with a plan of your choice. When you build a new home with Livable House Plans, you are in control. From choosing floor plans to architectural style, a new home is an exciting undertaking. We also understand that building a home can be an overwhelming process and we want to make it easy for you to find the home plan of your dreams. That’s why we provide you with a gateway to exciting house plans.

On Livable House Plan’s website you can enter your home size specifications and browse the incredible home plans LHP has available. Then, contact Livable House plans to get started on the perfect home design for you. 

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