How to Begin Your Search for the Perfect House Plan

Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 3:18PM

How to Begin Your Search for the Perfect House Plan

Choosing a house plan for your new home is an exciting process. As you begin to navigate all of the different options, it is important that you keep your family’s size and lifestyle in mind. The right house plan can make all the difference in how you will experience your new home.

This sometimes stressful process can be made easy when you work with an up-to-date house plan provider that can help you choose the perfect plan for your dream home! At Livable House Plans, we feel that you should have the opportunity to purchase only the newest house plans available. Just read on to discover the top things to consider when choosing a home plan!


As you begin your search, it’s smart to start a wish list of all the things you want in your new home. You can get as specific as you wish, but through this exercise, a few elements are crucial to choosing the right plan. The first most important consideration you will want to make when choosing a house plan is size. Depending on your current family size or future plans, you will want to ensure that there is plenty of space for everyone. Ask yourself things such as whether you want an office or a dining room, how many bedrooms and bathrooms are needed, etc.

Once these elements have been decided on, you can begin to base your search upon these requirements. It’s easy to look for home plans on the Livable House Plans website using our “Find Your Plan” tool. Here, you can input the minimum and maximum square footage, as well as your desired number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and floors. This will help to narrow down your search to a select number of floor plans that fit your size requirements.


Now that you have narrowed your search down to your size requirements, you can begin considering your style preferences. Every homeowner has a particular design style they gravitate towards and a great way to identify it is by scrolling through the available plans on our website. We offer various elevation styles including Modern, Craftsman, Mediterranean, Farm House, and more!

Overwhelmed by all the choices? Other ways that can help to identify your design style is by observing the style of your current furniture and decor, browsing Pinterest for ideas, or even taking a walk around the neighborhood to see what home styles stand out to you.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Do you love cooking and entertaining? If so, a large, open kitchen is crucial to your dream home floor plan. Do you host family holidays and events? A guest bedroom should be on your list! The way you and your family live your lives is an important thing to consider when choosing your specific floor plan. Considering these details may get you thinking about some additional features you want in your home that may not be offered in the home plan you choose. Livable House Plans offers you the option to make custom changes to home plans. We will assist you in making these small modifications at a nominal charge.

Go with Your Gut

As you navigate the process of choosing a home plan, it’s important that every choice feels right to you. Building a home is a big  and exciting decision that will bring you and your family years of enjoyment. That’s why Livable House Plans wants you to buy with confidence! We offer many customizable options with the goal of creating your dream home, just the way you imagine it. We offer plans that have been designed to strict quality control standards and are virtually error-free.

Browse our large selection of stylish plans and discover all of the possibilities! Then contact Livable House Plans to get started towards building your dream home today.

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