Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in a set of plans?

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When will I receive my purchased plan?

When you purchase a house plan, you will receive 2 emails.

1. The first email will be an order confirmation, ensuring that your payment and order was received.

2. Within 48-72 hours, you will receive a second email which will contain a Copyright Usage form that must be signed and returned.

Once we have received your signed Copyright Usage form, you will be sent another email containing a downloadable link to the house plan you have purchased.

Can I return my plan?

Plans cannot be returned or refunded. It is important to very carefully review both the plan AND your own lot/land dimensions before purchasing a house plan. Please feel free to call us or leave a message in our chat box with any questions you may have.

Can I make copies of my plan?

Yes, you may make copies of plans purchased through Livable House Plans.

Can I build multiple homes with one plan?

No, house plans purchased through LHP can only be built one time. If you would like to build the home more than one time, you will need to purchase a multiple use license. Please contact us for details.

What are the differences between CAD and PDF files?

When you order an electronic CAD plan, the plan will be sent to you as an AutoCAD (.dwg) file. This format allows your plans to be taken to your local builder for minor changes. Please note that the CAD file cannot be opened without the AutoCAD program (this is the program in which our plans are designed). Don’t worry – when you purchase a CAD plan, we will send you a complimentary PDF for easy viewing.

When you order a plan in PDF format, you will receive an electronic file that can be opened without any special programs. You may send this file to be printed locally and then distribute the plans to your builders, engineers, etc.

What if I want to make changes to a plan?

Purchasing an AutoCAD house plan will allow your local builder/engineer/drafter to make minor changes to the plan. If you are looking to make anything more than minor changes, we will be happy to redesign any plan for you through our custom home design company, MJS Inc. In this case, you will not purchase a house plan through Livable House Plans – instead our team at MJS will design your custom home! Please feel free to contact us with any questions about house plan changes.

Why do CAD plans cost more?

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Can I order a physical copy of a plan?

We do not offer physical copies of our plans for two very important reasons: our customers and the environment. At LHP, we strive to employ eco-friendly practices in order to keep our company green and clean. By utilizing electronic files that you may print at your convenience, we help cut down on paper waste.


We pride ourselves in maintaining the most cost-effective strategy for our customers. By printing your purchased plan through your local printer (Staples, Office Depot, etc.), you will spend hundreds less than it would cost for us to print and ship to you. 

What is the difference between "Total Living" and "Total Area"?

“Total Living” refers to the total square footage that is air conditioned, while “Total Area” refers to the square footage that is under roof.

How much will it cost to build this plan?

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What is an "Engineered Plan"?

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How do I find out if my plan needs to be engineered?

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How much do engineered plans cost?

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What does "sealed plans" mean?

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What does "MEP" stand for?

Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing design. Most builders have their sub-contractors design this as part of their services and include their calculations in their permit package, so you don’t have to spend the extra money to have it on the plans.

Why do some plans have a hold on them?

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When will concept plans be available?

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What if I like a floor plan but want a different elevation?

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Why do some plans have builder referrals and others do not?

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Why are some plans restricted?

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