Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in a set of plans?

When will I receive my purchased plan?

Can I return my plan?

Can I make copies of my plan?

Can I build multiple homes with one plan?

What are the differences between CAD and PDF files?

What if I want to make changes to a plan?

Why do CAD plans cost more?

Can I order a physical copy of a plan?

What is the difference between "Total Living" and "Total Area"?

How much will it cost to build this plan?

What is an "Engineered Plan"?

How do I find out if my plan needs to be engineered?

How much do engineered plans cost?

What does "sealed plans" mean?

What does "MEP" stand for?

Why do some plans have a hold on them?

When will concept plans be available?

What if I like a floor plan but want a different elevation?

Why do some plans have builder referrals and others do not?

Why are some plans restricted?

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