How to Decorate Your Rental

How-To Tuesday!

Planning on building a home but stuck renting right now? Read below for some tips to make you feel more at home in your rental space!

Livable House Plans offers some of the most unique home plans on the market. Because our designers also work in custom home design, they know how to add that magic touch that makes a house feel like a home. If you are looking to build or are currently building your Livable House Plans home, then you may be renting. These design tips are the perfect way to make your rental feel like home until you can move into your new LHP home.

1. Cozy things make cozy spaces.

Add rugs, blankets, pillows, and other linens to every room. Rugs will help define each space, while blankets and pillows will add warmth and texture.

2. Don't be afraid to hang things on the wall!

When it comes to decorating your walls, 3M strips will be your best friend. Adding small touches like family pictures, art, and curtains will quickly add up to make your rental feel more like your home.

3. Switch out light fixtures.

This one may take a bit more work, but if you love living in a space that feels like your own, then it will be well worth it. Changing the light fixtures – or even just one light fixture – in your rental will give your space an undeniable touch of your own style. You can also experiment with lamp placement to find the lighting that is perfect for your space.

4. Add statement pieces to every room.

Whether it is a bold rug, a beautiful headboard, or amazing art, create a focal point for each room. This will make your spaces more cohesive.

5. Mirrors are a small room's ally.

If your rental space is small, add mirrors strategically to make rooms feel larger. Large, beautiful mirrors can easily double as the statement piece for a room.

Still ready to get out of that rental? Fall in love with one of our designs and call us today to start your home building journey!

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