Caribbean-Inspired Interior Trends for Summer

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

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We all dream of our ideal getaways. While we all have different dreams, many of them involve lush, tropical islands complete with golden sandy beaches and colorful blooms. Instead of anxiously waiting for your next vacation, consider bringing the spirit of the islands into your home décor. This way, every day feels like a Caribbean vacation in the comfort of your own home.

Just in time for summer, coastal designs and tropical landscapes are the perfect addition to your summertime abode. Just read on for our tips on how to incorporate Caribbean-inspired décor into your home this summer and beyond.


Caribbean-inspired design brings the energy of the islands together into one cohesive culture full of color, vibrancy and natural elements. In order to effectively carry out an authentic Caribbean style, you must understand that it has nothing to do with themes. This design style is, more so, a state of mind. This state of mind is interchangeable with the idea of island life. Think simplicity, breezy, soft and light. This type of décor is intentionally meant to relax you with its neutral colors mixed with natural materials, and combined with an emphasis on comfort. To, accurately and authentically, bring Caribbean style into your home’s interior, it’s wise to spend some time getting to know the culture and the people who call these tropical islands home.

Wall Color

To start any new interior design project, it is crucial that you choose a defined color palette. This can start with the paint colors for your walls. You may have even chosen a Caribbean-inspired floorplan for your home’s design which means fewer walls and more of an open floor plan. No matter the number of walls in your home, it is still important to choose the perfect backdrop for your tropical escape.

The classic choice is light blue and white walls, but if you’re feeling more adventurous consider a more vibrant palette. Opt for a pale coral, muted turquoise, or a shade of lime to really make the room pop. You certainly can’t go wrong with any natural, pastel shade. For an ocean-focused palette, try crisp whites, shades of blue-green, and mix in creamy tones with your décor. You can even go bold with a bright and sunny yellow which is a popular choice among real-life Caribbean homes.

Bring Caribbean walls into your kitchen and bathroom as well by adopting mosaic tile on major walls. Take your love for the crystal blue Caribbean waters to a new level by creating a mixture of blue and green mosaic tiles for your backsplash or shower tiling. There is no end to the tropical feel that your walls can provide!

Lighting & Floors

When choosing your flooring, think beach! While sand may not be an ideal option, think about what types of flooring work best in a coastal setting. Tile, stone, and pine come to mind as the most efficient beach home flooring options. Opt for shades of light brown, sand colors and natural shades of stone. Add texture and comfort with a bright, luxurious rug in cream or one of your chosen accent colors. Natural bamboo rugs, rattan or wicker are also great options to add rugged texture.

If you’re recreating the feeling of sunshine in the Caribbean, lighting becomes an essential element to your home. No corner of your home should be left in the dark. Due to the excessive amount of lighting, you have the opportunity to get creative here. Illuminate your home with colorful lampshades or hunt down the perfect floor lamp that comes wrapped in a natural, textured shade. When choosing light fixtures for your kitchen and bathroom, look for whimsical mosaics and vibrant, glass-blown hanging lamps.

Natural lighting is important to the energy and look of any tropical-inspired home. When you choose a home design from Livable House Plans, you have the opportunity to select a house plan with ample windows that provide plenty of natural light. Bright and open home designs provide the relaxation and vacation-like feel that you crave!


When it comes to choosing furniture for your Caribbean-inspired design, opt for natural fibers and durable materials that can withstand the direct sunlight and all of the good times to come. Bamboo, wicker, and rattan are great options for chairs, sofas and even coffee tables. You can take advantage of local markets and rare finds when choosing furniture for your Caribbean style home. In fact, your furniture doesn’t have to match, just stick to the same materials and colors. Avoid furniture that looks artificial or unnatural for your space as it will take away from the natural, tropical feel. Top your furniture and fixtures off with colorful patterns and daring designs on fabrics throughout. Just remember to keep it authentic with comfort in mind.

Finishing Touches

For the finishing touches, choose colors and designs that bring the entire space together. Hanging baskets, real-live palms, and coastal pottery are great additions to complete the look. Functionality is a must, but don’t forget to have fun with your décor. Research the most stylish and lush, tropical greenery that can be grown in your region. Sea glass and seashells are excellent natural elements to add to any room in the house. Browse your local gallery or home décor store for the perfect wall décor. To go truly authentic, search for art made by real Caribbean artists. Finding pieces inspired by the tropical vegetation and wildlife that inhabits the islands will elegantly complete your home’s interior.

If your tropical dreams have inspired you to create your own Caribbean-inspired oasis, consider building a home that fits your style and needs. When building from the ground up, you have the opportunity to choose the ideal home plan that incorporates your coastal style. Livable House Plans offers many customizable options for your dream home design, including seaside and beach elevation styles. These coastal inspired home designs include plenty of natural light and the perfect exterior style to match your dreamy Caribbean interior.

LHP’s home designs have been designed to strict quality control standards and are virtually error-free. Visit our website to browse our large selection of exciting home plans today! 

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