Thursday Trends: Home Office

Updated: May 13, 2020

When it comes to decorating a home, the home office often seems to be placed on the back burner. You will likely spend a lot of time in your home office, so why not make it a pleasant place to be? We have compiled a few tips to help make this space truly enjoyable and productive.

The designers at Livable House Plans understand how important it is to feel good in your workspace, which is why many of our homes are designed with the home office in mind. Functional spaces start with good design, so we at LHP make sure to get it right. Offices in our home plans are often placed at the very front of the home, near the entry or garage. This helps to ensure a productive work environment.

If possible, choose a room with large windows for nice natural lighting. This can help you feel more refreshed throughout the day than you may feel working in a room with no windows.

Invest in a good chair

A good chair can make all the difference in the comfortability of your home office. Look for a chair that has good lumbar support and adequate cushioning. Investing in an ergonomic chair will allow you to work longer and more comfortably, increasing your overall production.

Hide the wires

Hanging wires and wires on your desk contribute to a room’s “visual clutter.” This type of clutter consists of things that may need to be out but contribute to a slightly “messy” look. Visual clutter includes things like wires, display items, and office supplies. These things can easily be concealed or organized in a way that eliminates the cluttered feel. Use a cable organizer or charging station to wrangle wires in your home office

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