Thursday Trends: Kitchen Design

These latest kitchen design trends make the kitchen a classy and functional space!

Scroll down to see some recent trends we have spotted!

Stand-out Stone: Marble is a long-time homeowner favorite, but there has been a recent shift in favor of thickly veined, busy marble. This look will instantly offer a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Double Islands: With large kitchens and open plan living areas at peak popularity, double islands are the perfect way to make use of all that space.

Check out these sleek double islands in one of our Featured Plans, “Linden” If this is a design element you would like in your new home, call us at 407-629-6711 – we have many plans in our vault that are sure to suit your needs!

Dark Accents: Dark colors were previously considered purely accents, especially in the kitchen – but bold uses are in! Black walls and cabinetry have become a popular choice, especially when paired with textured wood.

Ancillary spaces: There is no question why these functional “extra” spaces are popular among homeowners. Luckily, many of our homes are designed with a butler’s pantry. This tucked away area of the kitchen is perfect for storing small appliances and keeping the kitchen surfaces clean and tidy.

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