Why Livable House Plans?
Would you buy a new car that’s 20 years old or older? Of course not. While an old car may suit the collector, you want a brand new car with the latest technology. At LHP we feel you should have the opportunity to purchase only the newest house plans featuring the latest in good design. Almost every featured house plan you will find here is brand spanking new! LHP features new smartly designed open floor plans, new period-style elevations and a whole host of custom amenities built into each and every house plan.
Some house designs are so new that they are featured in our Concept Plans Section. Because they’re so new, they’re not even finished yet! Once completed, those plans will be ready for sale at a later date, or you’ll be able to buy the concept plan and commission your local American Institute of Building Design (AIBD) Member to complete the plan according to your local conditions.
So, begin your search now and discover how easy your dream house search can be with the knowledge that you are buying only the newest designs anywhere.
INTRODUCING “Pick a floor plan, then pick an elevation!” How many times have you perused house plans only to find a floor plan you liked, but the elevation was not exactly what you were looking for? Unfortunately, most house plan sites make you settle for whatever the designer intended the house should look like.
Well, at Livable House Plans, you don’t have to settle for one style of elevation! Many of our plans already feature various elevation styles from which to choose, and also included in your search will be elevation styles soon to be completed for a particular house. And while certain elevation styles are not available for every house plan, you will have the widest choices of elevation styles from which to choose. However what’s revolutionary at Livable House Plans, is the ability to pick a floor plan, then pick your period elevation style!
Once you choose a floor plan for purchase, if you prefer a different elevation style, for a nominal charge, our designers will create an elevation based upon your selected period style. See details and limitations.
Why LHP?
Buy with confidence! The plans you are purchasing on LHP come from one of Central Florida’s Premier House Design Firm, MJS INC Custom Home Design. Being in business for over 20 years, MJS INC prides itself on working with many of the major Custom Home Builders in the state and its reputation is second to none. MJS INC has designed homes for clients and builders in all of Central Florida’s most prestigious communities like Walt Disney’s Golden Oak, Isleworth, Lake Nona, Plantation Bay in Ormond Beach, and Ana Maria Island.
  • Value Added Designed plans: All MJS INC plans have been designed to strict quality control standards and are virtually error free.
  • Foundation modifications: Most plans come with a standard concrete foundation and slab. However, at a nominal charge, MJS INC will convert the slab foundation to either a Crawl Space, or Full Basement foundation to suit your local building standards.
  • Structural Engineering: If you live in Florida, for a nominal charge, MJS INC can engineer the plan of your choice ready for permitting.
  • Send us your Architectural Control Board rules! While every MJS INC elevation featured on Livable House Plans follows period style standards, you may have a community that requires certain requirements for elevation approval. If you send us the requirements, MJS INC will gladly make all adjustments to comply with the community requirements at a nominal charge.
  • Custom Changes: While all MJS INC plans are designed well, you may wish to make small modifications to the plan you choose. MJS INC will assist you in making the changes at a nominal charge.
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